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Tourism Management Master's program with thesis consists of eight courses, a seminar course and a thesis work, provided that it is not less than twenty credits in total. The master's program with thesis consists of a minimum of 120 ECTS credits, including a minimum of eight courses and a thesis study, including a seminar course, provided that an academic period of not less than 60 ECTS credits.

Tourism Management Department graduates are graduates of the Master of Science degree and are expected to be qualified as follows;

- Improves the knowledge of Tourism Management and related disciplines at the level of expertise.

- Develops creative and practical solutions for current issues and problems in the tourism sector.

- Carries out a study effectively and independently on subjects that require expertise in the field.

- Has knowledge about general and field specific research methods.

- Plans, conducts, evaluates and reports a research related to his field using scientific research methods.

- Has detailed information about internal and external environmental factors, service processes and processes, organization management, policies and strategies of the companies operating in the tourism sector.

- Carries out practices within the framework of ethical principles and legal regulations related to the field of tourism management.

- Shows written, verbal and visual effective communication and presentation skills.

- Uses computer software, information and communication technologies at an advanced level in the field of Tourism Management.

- Communicate verbally and in writing using a foreign language at least at the B2 level of European Language Portfolio.

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